Carolyn Trafford Art 2022

Fascinated by the close up beauty that others overlook in our environment – texture, pattern and colour; Carolyn’s textile work is based on her own photography.

Mixed media processes that include felting, cyanotype, painting and dying are used to transform a photographic image into a colourful textural stitched piece of art.

Both free machine embroidery and hand stitch are used, but Carolyn confesses to preferring the slow deliberate process of hand embroidery in her work.

It is the layering of techniques that enables her to recreate the beautiful rich colours and textures found in either the natural environment around her, or where nature has impacted on the urban landscapes depicted in her “Ebb and Flow” and Spode in Decay” projects.

Her current projects are smaller and focussed on using materials gifted or scraps from other projects that may otherwise have been thrown away.

Carolyn is also known for her Silver Jewellery recreating the textures from nature by hand. The silver clay she uses is also manufactured using waste silver.

Carolyn graduated from Leek School of Art in 2019 and works part time from home.

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