Dark Sky Pottery 2022

Kim has been making things from clay for more than 20 years. She has her own studio and shop (Dark Sky Pottery) in Leek. Kim says, “I opened Dark Sky Pottery more than three years ago and it is so lovely to have visitors to the studio and talk to people about my work.”

Kim’s work is a mixture of both functional and sculptural elements. The functional work includes bowls, jugs, mugs made from Staffordshire Stoneware clay produced in Stoke. She has been experimenting with a range of glazes to make more one-off, bespoke pieces. Most of the functional ware is thrown on the wheel and you can often watch her at work if you visit the studio in Leek.

The sculptural work is made by pinching and modelling clay to make a range of animals or natural objects such as pebbles and stones. These are burnished to make them shiny before firing and then smoked fired and polished to give a polished marble effect.

The main point of sale for Kim’s work is the shop, Dark Sky Pottery, just off the Market Place in Leek (between the Hideout and the Red Lion). It is quite an adventure to find the shop as it is up an alley between the two buildings, but it makes for an interesting discovery.

Alternatively, her work is listed on Etsy, which is an online shopping site for creative and handmade items.

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