Elise Pilkington 2023

I describe myself as an Illustrative Printmaker as my artwork looks illustrated but is in fact a painted monoprint. I started my business in April 2021 after completing a BAHons Degree in Contemporary Creative Practice specialising in Illustration with a first. As a mature student I had spent the previous 3 years working towards this goal whilst running my own business in another field. I am looking to convert to the creative industries and put all my energy into achieving this new goal.

My inspiration comes from all my own dogs, I currently own seven Whippets. As a child I was always drawn to sketching animals but my degree opened up the world of printmaking and I love a good process. My previous history is of an artistic nature too, I have spent the last twenty or so years creating works of art on people finger nails so my eye for tiny detail is well practiced. I’d like to continue growing my range of animals and maybe create some larger format prints and experiment a little more with my mark making for textures.

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