Fiona Wilson

Fiona is a screen printer and maker with a love of illustration, colour and pattern. She creates quirky, bold designs with a sense of fun and humour.


About Fiona Wilson Prints

I am   a screen printer and maker with a love of colour and pattern.  My work is full of fun and is sure to bring smile to your face.  My prints of people often have rosy cheeks, quirky glasses, moustaches and bright outfits.  There is always some bright and bold colour in the design too.  Fiona creates a range of art work and home accessories using wood and paper to create her products.  I have been running my own business for over 10 years, originally from Yorkshire, I moved to Staffordshire Moorlands in 2014 and now have my own studio based in The Old Ginger Beer Factory in Leek.  I retrained in textile design after working in sales and marketing for 10 years, and alongside my studio practice I am also a part time lecturer at Staffordshire University teaching Surface Pattern Design. 

My Work

I make silkscreen prints and Riso prints onto paper and wood.  As well as paper based prints, I really enjoy working more three dimensionally and print onto wooden shapes, creating wooden vases, 3D ornamental characters and wooden wall plaques.  I have a well-equipped studio with a bandsaw, drill and sanders so I can cut the shapes I want to work with.  Each one is made by hand by me, so they are all small batch runs and each one will be a little bit different.  The Riso prints are created using a Risograph – which is a fascinating piece of Japanese technology – think half way between a photocopier and a screen printer.  I run workshops on the Riso machine if you want to learn more, you can find out info on my website.  A lot of my ideas come from my imagination – I have always read a lot of fiction and used to do a lot of drama and dancing as a child, I also have a pretty creative family, my dad trained as a tailor and ran his own business and my mum has always done embroidery, quilting and crochet.  My nana was a big knitter and also loved big bold colours, so I guess these are all my influences. 

How to Buy My Work

I have my own online shop at


So many inspirational people that its hard to pick just a few – but some of my favourites are the colour and designs of Marrimeko.  I also love the simplicity of some of Picasso and Matisse’s work.   Matisse’s approach to drawing and creating real resonates with me – he seemed quite playful in his approach and thats something I love to bring into my creative process. Picasso’s quickly faces and use of line are also an inspiration.  One of my other big influences is a screen printing nun called Sister Corita Kent – she created bold bright posters and advertising campaigns in America and she was a teacher too like me.  

My workspace

My workshop is  based in an lovely old building in Leek town centre,  It used to be a Ginger Beer and Aerated Water Factory and has three stone bottles carved into the arch over the yard doors.  It was a bit of a wreck when we bought it so its been a lot of work to get it to where its is now and there are still things I’d love to do with it.   There is a space downstairs where I run my workshops – it has a lovely large window for light and plenty of space.  Upstairs is where my studio is based, this is where I do all my screen printing and create my  work.  Then there is separate wood workshop at the back.  Its an evolving space and we got the signage done this year for the window so its looking a lot brighter than it did when we moved in.  

Leek Open Studios and Art Trail

One of the reasons I wanted to live in Leek when we moved to Staffordshire was because of the creative community, so when the opportunity to join in with Leek Open Studios came up I knew I wanted to take part.  Its been a great way to meet other makers and artists and people from the local area.  Its also a great way to share some of my process and let people see this lovely old building which is part of the local history.

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