Jane Fraser 2023

I’m a largely self-taught artist – although I’ve painted all my life, I’ve only become semi-professional over the last few years. I’ve exhibited widely in my local area and my work is represented in local galleries. I love to record both the natural and man-made world. I live in Altrincham, and am often to be found out and about with my sketchbook recording the quirky corners of nearby towns and cities. Back in the studio, I translate my sketches into works in either oil paint or collages, which I prepare from hand-printed papers.

I demonstrate to local art societies, and paint quite a few commissions – always up for a challenge! I’m mainly known for my cityscapes, inspired by history and the wealth of curious and unique buildings of Northern and Midlands towns. For this open studio, I will focus on collage, though I will also have some original oil paintings for sale. I will demonstrate how I make my hand-made papers with gelatin plates, embellished with linocuts and collagraphs. I’ll be making small prints on the spot for people to take away, and they can even have a go themselves (using safe materials, and no sharp tools).

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