Julia Brownsword 2024

As a mixed media artist, the inspiration for Julia Brownsword’s work is taken from a passion ignited by the landscape in which she runs and cycles. The tranquillity of the countryside opens her eyes to the beauty, joy and freedom of nature. The ephemeral changes in light, subtle shadows and blocks of colour captivate her and she feels an unspoken energy. This feeling of well- being drives her creativity to draw, paint and stitch. Her mixed media imagery originates in the emotional links as she journeys through the landscape.
She composes 2D images of her journeys capturing the landscape by using an eclectic mix of textiles, paper, paint and stitchery. Using this broad range of media invites the viewer to experience her portrayal of the changing elements of the Peak District and wild places of Scotland. Computer technology enables the translation of these images into design for a range of products including lampshades, lanterns, cushions, coasters and notebook covers.

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