Lynda Hyde 2022

I originally started when I left school as a design reproduction artist, however my career path took me in a different direction. I returned to art in 2016 after retirement. I attended the Foundation Degree for Art and Design for a while, then I was fortunate to be able to share a studio space where I started to experiment reviving furniture and mixed media art, the latter is my preferred current work.

I am inspired by natural geographical and geological structures along with artists such as Ruskin, Turner and Monet. My art is presented as mixed media both symbolic or in organic representations of local buildings.
I am currently working on transferring prints on fabric or water colour paper. These are manipulated and layered with water colour, ink, textures using various mediums, including stitch, fabric, felt and papier-mâché. My focus has been on buildings and seascapes. I am currently inspired by the history and ruins of local mills.

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