Patternologie 2022

I have been a surface pattern designer for over 20 years. With a passion for nature and design, my artwork has naturally become a synergy of both. The collection of bird art prints depicts my explorations of digital art processes I use in surface pattern design. After taking part in a 100-day art challenge on social media, I painted numerous studies of birds which now form this new collection on display.

The artworks are hand painted digitally by observing the qualities of traditional techniques while studying for my Master’s degree. Each print is hand finished with gold to highlight the fragileness of the tiny birds. The art prints are purposely sized to A5 enhancing the preciousness of the birds’ delicate stature and the fragility of their ecosystem.

Perhaps you want to explore new possibilities when it comes to your art? Visit my website for courses and workshops to discover ways I can help you create digital artwork more intuitively without losing the handcrafted qualities of traditional art, allowing you to explore new possibilities for your artwork.

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