Twistsmith Studio 2023

Twistsmith Studio – Ceramic & Mixed Media Jewellery and homewares I’m a designer, maker and craftsperson. I completed a Jewellery & silversmithing degree 30 years ago and worked to commission for some years before heading into teaching and then a family. I discovered a love of ceramics after I started classes a few years ago and launched Twistsmith last year.

My main Studio is based, at my home in lovely Leek, but I’m also lucky enough to use a fellow maker’s studio space once a week, for my ceramic work. I’m captivated by combining different materials and experimenting with processes, creatively playing and celebrating the happy accidents. My designs are mostly inspired by nature, colour and pattern but I love pulling the thread and seeing where it takes me.

My current designs are full of colour and simple floral shapes and my jewellery range includes stud and drop earrings, necklaces and brooches along with ceramic homewares. I work mostly in ceramic but love adding other materials that add contrasting textures to my jewellery, including wool felt, leather, yarn and embroidery.

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