Humming Loom 2023

I grew up in a creative household but never truly found how I wanted to channel my compulsion to create, until I had my son, Alex, and left my London-based career. It was through carrying Alex in woven wraps that I found hand-weaving. I was enchanted by the stories it’s possible to tell in cloth that have been largely lost to our fast-fashion society, even though it remains in our lexicon (‘weaving a good yarn’).

Four years ago I bought a loom and began learning to weave and dye. The looms have multiplied with my passion and I now have four of various sizes. Each of my pieces tells its own tale. My inspiration usually starts with colour, drawn from the natural world around me. The rest of my choices (yarn, pattern etc) are made to enhance the story I want to tell. I love how a successful handwoven piece stimulates so many senses at once – the texture in hand and balance on the body is as important as the visual impact. I’m a member of the Leek Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers, and available for workshops, demonstrations, and other opportunities to share the craft I love.

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