Michelle Hart – The Inky Flower 2023

I’m a watercolour artist and I love creating whimsical paintings and ink drawings of flowers and imaginary creatures. My inspiration comes from the beautiful countryside and woodlands I explore with my furry friend Dexter, the French Bulldog, and our family travels in our trusty VW named Kitty.

I’ve always had a creative streak, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I decided to take my passion for art seriously. I enrolled in a Creative Art and Design Degree at Leek School of Art, where I specialised in collagraph printmaking – which I absolutely adored! However, everything changed when I broke my leg on a walk during the first lockdown of the pandemic in 2020. Suddenly, painting became my therapy and my escape from the confines of my home. I discovered a newfound sense of freedom in painting – I could work on it whenever I wanted, in between home-schooling and other activities. It was a completely different mindset from printmaking, where I had to wait for the image to appear. With painting, the images magically came to life almost immediately, and I experienced immediate satisfaction.

Currently, I’m working on some exciting projects, including designing notebooks and containers for pencils and paintbrushes.

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